Loot Update

Prices will be edited later…

Jovan’s Guards:
8x Masterwork Scalemail
8x Masterwork Longsword
3 potions of Bull’s Strength

Guard’s Bunkroom:
water clock (art; 1000gp)
scroll of Windwall
scroll of False Life
20 Masterwork arrows
Light Hammer
Explorer’s Outfit
Silk Rope (50 ft.)
Heavy Wooden Shield
103 GP in gems
160 GP in coins

Vespasian’s Room:
Vespasian’s notes
scroll of silence AND locate object
Masterwork spiked chain
potion of dispel magic
climber’s kit
saddle bags
signet ring of the House Jovan
merchant’s scale (art; 2gp)
55gp in gems
105gp in coins

Jovan’s Room:
potion of Bull’s Strength
half-plate armor
composite shortbow (small)
potion of Fox’s Cunning
vial of universal solvent
small steel mirror (art; 10gp)
351gp in gems
429gp in coins

Statuary Room:
Assorted art worth 1500gp
Chest of extorted gold coins (2537 gp) = NOT OURS
Repaired vases/pots
Small Journal that details the mine location, excavation, admission of ordering Vorin and the bandits.

“We’ve done it, Vespasian goes to collect it now.”

Loot Update

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