Current List of Unsold Valuables

So, these are all the nice items we find that we don’t want to sell quite yet.

When we eventually sell them, we will divide the sale value of the item (usually 50% of base value) by number of PCs+1, with any remainders or change going to the common fund (which we use to buy items that benefit the entire group, stuff like healing and buffing potions, wands, alchemical weapons, etc.)

Organized by player keeping the item
Name of Item (Sale price)


  1. MW Ranseur (155 gp)
  2. MW Longsword (155 gp)
  3. MW Lance (155 gp)
  4. Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (1000 gp)
  5. +1 Greataxe (1160 gp)
  6. MW Fullplate (825 gp)


  1. MW Dagger (151 gp)
  2. +1 Heavy Mace (1156 gp)


  1. MW Dagger (151 gp) x2
  2. +1 Dagger (1511 gp)

Current List of Unsold Valuables

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