The Fellowship of the Wagon

Lord Xan the Pit Fiend

*AHEM* Pit Finder

This week the Fellowship brought the wagon down to Casomir following the canal.

Once in Casomir we found a dockside tavern called the Winking Skeever. Here Erieonn found us passage on a boat going up the river towards the Isle of Arreway. It would depart in a few days time.

The fellowship found some work removing a group of thugs bothering the proprietor of the Winking Skeever and stopping his supplies from coming in and thus hurting business. The shady side of town was gross and dirty but our Fellowship prevailed. Huzzah!

Next the Fellowship found an old man seeking assistance who was at his wit’s end trying to source a cure for his wife a being from the air elemental plane. The Fellowship reluctantly agreed to help him with only the promise of probable treasure in the lair of the former arcanist with his own planar hideout. Defeating a junk golem was difficult but we found passage to the extra-planar hideout. Once there we found many magical reagents including the one necessary to save the old man’s wife. The old man accompanied us as an act of good faith. Lelu and Erieonn were expelled from this dimension by an angry elemental spirit. Xan cleaned up and packaged up the loot with the old man. The old man’s wife has fully recovered and sings the praises of Lord Xan the magnanimous!.



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