The Fellowship of the Wagon

Green Dragon Hunting!

Troll Invasion

Ihsahn and Samus(sp?) joined the Fellowship at the Winking Skeever. Ihsahn a cleric hailing from the same locale as Xan (Last Wall) fast becomes friends and accompany us on our journey to save Golarion.

The Fellowship boards the dock and takes passage up the river towards the druids on the Isle of Arreway. Erieonn and Xan bind Lelu causing a stir with the good sailors who think it an ill omen to be binding a follower of Gozreh.

The Fellowship is ambushed by a chitinous monster who Lelu states is a shock troop of the Aboleths. This chitinous monster nearly crushed Lord Xan in half! Samus delivers a mighty swing and electrical energy goes amuck. The Fellowship kept the chitin for possible trade use. Lelu during this entire encounter was kept safe by the bounds that Xan tied extremely well despite her flailing and attempts to flee.

The druids on the Isle greet the Fellowship and the massive overgrowth of land parts before our guide to the druids grove. Once there we are feasted and feted with much largesse. The head druid offers us a token to bring to their friend Arath in the northern expanse of the Verduran Forest. It is believed that she can help us locate one of the Scrolls.

We rest for the night and are awaken to see massive eagles being fed trussed and specially prepared deer. The Fellowship rides the eagles to a foul looking area of the forest and continue on their journey.

Within the massive glade were pits that we later found out to be green dragon acid. Avoiding these we approached a massive mound in the center. Arath turned out to be an Ancient Green Dragon !!! This massive lady is protecting a clutch of eggs and very territorial. Her lands are being invaded by a young male dragon Serrathinix. Arath will aid us only if we remove Serrathinix from her lands. Arath warmed to us only by the token given to us from the druids. This token was a massive tome thick with leather bindings that positively oozed magic. Evidently it was a large surprise to the ancient wyrm that the druids would part with such a boon.

We learned from Arath that Serrathinix has been subjugating a tribe of boggards and that they have contact with him. We decide to seek them out.

Troll attack !!!!
Ihsahn is mortally wounded and we are surrounded by Boggards.



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