Town Drunk / Northman / PFS Agent


Almost seven feet tall, Yngvarr is a giant of a man. He is a Northman from the Thanelands of the Linnorn Kings. He came to Taldor when he turned sixteen to prove himself as a member of the Ulfen Guard. He made Captain of the guard at the age of 23, the youngest to ever do so and also served for 17 years, the longest term anyone has served. He is a personal body guard and agent for Anifiel Delaunay, and highly decorated citizen of Taldor. It is said that once a Jarl from the Thanelands having heard of Yngvarr’s prowess in battle came to Taldor to challenge him to the Holmgang, a combat to settle disputes among the Northman. It is said that Yngvarr tore the throat of the Jarl with his own teeth and sent his genitals to the Jarls wife with an offer to keep her bed warm if he ever returned to his homeland. That was the first and last time a Jarl demanded the Holmgang from Yngvarr.

Lelu Knowledge

The only person so far in town you met that you didn’t like was a drunk. You never learned his name, but you had to quick step away from his overly friendly hands and his breath smelled of drink. He is a Northman, you are able to tell that much and he is tall, almost seven feet. He has bright blond hair, or would if he was not so filthy, and he wears it in a braid in the northern style. His accent is harsh and it sounds like he uses too many syllables when he talks. He does not push things to the point where you think you will have to cross him, however his playful teasing and lecherous looks make you uneasy. You notice others in town give him a wide berth, even the guard who seem to want nothing to do with him.

Public Knowledge

He was hired by Duru and Erieonn to keep an ear out for who is behind the recent troubles.

Recently discovered to be a secret agent of the Pathfinder Society working with Anifiel Dailani, also a member of the Pathfinder Society.


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