The Hag

Lelu ONLY knowledge


Lives outside Bridge End.

Familiar is an owl.

Lelu Knowledge

The travelers don’t seem to know much about her, but a few townspeople did and you heard one mother tell her child “You better be good, you don’t want the Hag to come in the night do you?” and the little girl got quiet and stopped being a pest after that. You asked around and didn’t really get any straight answers, but what you did learn is that there is an old woman who lives in the woods to the north, and its told that if you seek your fortune from her and didn’t pay her price….she would come in the night and take one of your children. You almost shrugged it off as farmer superstition but that same day as you were walking the street an owl watched you from the rooftops. When you did a double take it was gone, but you saw it two other times the next day and both times it seemed to evade you as you tried to get a closer look. You never noticed the Owl until you started inquiring about the Hag…

Public Knowledge

The Hag

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