Patronia The Mayor of Bridge End

Bridge Ends' Lady Mayor


Patronia is young, only 19 years of age. Her father Adonus was Praetor before her. He died two years ago and the town of Bridge End informally asked Patronia to serve as Praetor. She is extremely popular in the Bridge End. As a child she wandered about playing with the famers children and helping the people of Bridge End when she could. The towns people think of her like a collective daughter and are fiercely loyal to her. She is kind hearted and diligent and tries to do her best for the town. However as her appointment to the position is tenuous as she does not hold office officially, makes her job all the harder. She is inexperienced and like many teenagers she is excitable and curious and passionate about many things. She is a little reckless taking rides on her families prized stallion and often wandering about the people unguarded. Her naivety comes from her youth but she tries her best and does a good job of keeping the town on a good path as far as she knows.


Patronia smooches Duru!

Fellowship received Cure Light Wounds wand.

Captured and imprisoned by Jovan.

Healed and rescued by the valiant Fellowship of the Wagon.

Removed from her duty as Mayor by Apion and replaced with Lysander.

Patronia has moved in with Duru. (bow chicka bow bow)

Patronia The Mayor of Bridge End

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