Ladius Apion

Justicar of Bridge End, Major Domo to Tadius Sidonius


Short round and cruel. Apion is brutish in his association with others and is quick tempered and always in a foul mood. An imp of a man he is slovenly and grotesque in his manners. Though he has somehow gained a truly powerful position in the realm as personal assistant and head of household for the most influential Prefect of taldor, Apion is truly a scary man, for he holds real power and is quick to take vengeance on those he dislikes.


Doesn’t like paying the Fellowship…

Slaying Jovan/Vespasian extremely agitated Apion. However, as Patronia was imprisoned by him and Jovan was found to be possessed and working for Rovagug the Fellowship was pardoned from any crime.

Apion appointed Lysander to be the new mayor of Bridge End.

Ladius Apion

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