Halfling Rogue!


Newly infamous trap-finder and dis-abler, disabling his first magical burning hands trap!


Halfling_WIP2_Front.jpgOutwardly, Bently is about as average as the average Halfling can be. But being non-descript is a boon to someone in Bently’s line of work. Most wouldn’t know to look at him that he comes from a long line of roguish characters. Bently’s father Billford was an accomplished thief and his father before him. His mother was a bard by trade though, truth be told, she mostly used her skills to distract her husband’s unwitting victims. They had a home in a small village, but spent much of their time traveling and ‘borrowing money from over-full pockets’ as Bently’s father liked to put it.

The travel wasn’t all business though. Bently’s father had an obsession with a hard to find door. He believed that there was a door that could be found anywhere if the time and circumstance were right, and that it lead to an entirely different world full of exotic treasures. He had copious amounts of notes and journals detailing his research and theories about the door, all encoded in a language he never shared. Despite his father’s efforts, he was apparently never in the right place at the right time because he never found his magic door. The story stuck with Bently though, and he is always on the lookout for clues about that special door. After his father passed away he found his father’s notes and made copies of them. He carries them with him and tries to decipher them whenever he has a chance. The door may be magical, or it may be imaginary but, whatever the case, Billford never found the door he was looking for and neither has Bently… yet.

Bently’s father went missing and is assumed dead since a caravan of merchants he was traveling through Taldor with was attacked by bandits a year ago. His mother now stays at their secluded country home with no desire to travel as they used to. Bently would like to wreak some sort of revenge on the bandits of Taldor, which is what has brought him to the town of Bridge End. Revenge of any kind is a tall order for such a short fellow, but if he can make the right connections, he might just be able to pull it off.


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