Antonina Junia (General Goods)

Proprietor of Nina's Oddities


Proprietor of Nina’s Oddities, a general store in Bridge End. Shows hostility to males and is known to like sweets.

Lelu’s Knowledge

Across from the Inn is a small building that has a sign Nina’s Oddities. Inside is a middle aged woman named Antonina who takes kindly to you the moment you walk through the door. She is pleasant and has general trade goods for sale as well as a few magical items and weapons she has picked up from passing trade through the town. You learn that she has a sweet tooth and can be better bargained with if you bring her a sweet treat. You also learn that she is not overly fond of men, and when they come in the shop she glares daggers at them and makes them pay an inflated price. She wont go into why but you have a feeling there is a dark story behind it.

Public Knowledge

Vespasian, Jovan’s bodyguard, previously extorted her for money. When she failed to pay Vespasian abused her in other ways.

The Fellowship of the Wagon has slain Vespasian and Lelu presented Antonina with his head that she happily whacked into mush.

Antonina Junia (General Goods)

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