Anifiel Delaunay



Anifiel Delaunay is a charismatic man in his late forties. He is one of the highest decorated members of the Lions Blades and a member of the Pathfinder Society. He is just, loyal to Taldor and is known to be a helpful and kind man. He is also a philanthropist and has made himself many enemies among the bearded for indiscreet relations with spouses. Some claim its a political maneuver, some say its revenge for unheard of deeds, and others say, he just can’t help himself. Despite these rumors he is a very popular man with the nobility and many owe him favors for deeds done out of kindness and friendship.


Hoity toity fancy guy who sponsored our bandit hunting.

Former member of the Lion’s Blade. Highly decorated citizen.

Recently discovered to be a member of the Pathfinder Society.

Anifiel Delaunay

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