The Fellowship of the Wagon

Green Dragon Hunting!
Troll Invasion

Ihsahn and Samus(sp?) joined the Fellowship at the Winking Skeever. Ihsahn a cleric hailing from the same locale as Xan (Last Wall) fast becomes friends and accompany us on our journey to save Golarion.

The Fellowship boards the dock and takes passage up the river towards the druids on the Isle of Arreway. Erieonn and Xan bind Lelu causing a stir with the good sailors who think it an ill omen to be binding a follower of Gozreh.

The Fellowship is ambushed by a chitinous monster who Lelu states is a shock troop of the Aboleths. This chitinous monster nearly crushed Lord Xan in half! Samus delivers a mighty swing and electrical energy goes amuck. The Fellowship kept the chitin for possible trade use. Lelu during this entire encounter was kept safe by the bounds that Xan tied extremely well despite her flailing and attempts to flee.

The druids on the Isle greet the Fellowship and the massive overgrowth of land parts before our guide to the druids grove. Once there we are feasted and feted with much largesse. The head druid offers us a token to bring to their friend Arath in the northern expanse of the Verduran Forest. It is believed that she can help us locate one of the Scrolls.

We rest for the night and are awaken to see massive eagles being fed trussed and specially prepared deer. The Fellowship rides the eagles to a foul looking area of the forest and continue on their journey.

Within the massive glade were pits that we later found out to be green dragon acid. Avoiding these we approached a massive mound in the center. Arath turned out to be an Ancient Green Dragon !!! This massive lady is protecting a clutch of eggs and very territorial. Her lands are being invaded by a young male dragon Serrathinix. Arath will aid us only if we remove Serrathinix from her lands. Arath warmed to us only by the token given to us from the druids. This token was a massive tome thick with leather bindings that positively oozed magic. Evidently it was a large surprise to the ancient wyrm that the druids would part with such a boon.

We learned from Arath that Serrathinix has been subjugating a tribe of boggards and that they have contact with him. We decide to seek them out.

Troll attack !!!!
Ihsahn is mortally wounded and we are surrounded by Boggards.

Lord Xan the Pit Fiend
*AHEM* Pit Finder

This week the Fellowship brought the wagon down to Casomir following the canal.

Once in Casomir we found a dockside tavern called the Winking Skeever. Here Erieonn found us passage on a boat going up the river towards the Isle of Arreway. It would depart in a few days time.

The fellowship found some work removing a group of thugs bothering the proprietor of the Winking Skeever and stopping his supplies from coming in and thus hurting business. The shady side of town was gross and dirty but our Fellowship prevailed. Huzzah!

Next the Fellowship found an old man seeking assistance who was at his wit’s end trying to source a cure for his wife a being from the air elemental plane. The Fellowship reluctantly agreed to help him with only the promise of probable treasure in the lair of the former arcanist with his own planar hideout. Defeating a junk golem was difficult but we found passage to the extra-planar hideout. Once there we found many magical reagents including the one necessary to save the old man’s wife. The old man accompanied us as an act of good faith. Lelu and Erieonn were expelled from this dimension by an angry elemental spirit. Xan cleaned up and packaged up the loot with the old man. The old man’s wife has fully recovered and sings the praises of Lord Xan the magnanimous!.

In answer to Lelu's concerns

Im in where ever every one else gathers. I think Lelu and I have a 2 pieces of the puzzle of Jovan, the thieves and the extortion of the local merchants. I know that Lelu is very set on ridding the world of Jovan’s henchmen I believe he is also the one who killed my town crier. I am in for some vengeance of my employee.

Gathering The Party Before Venturing Forth
(You Must!)

Lelu and Xan return to the inn from Antonina’s. Anyone in the inn already, they make it clear they found out something they want to talk to the group about once we’re all together.

New Town Crier Message
The truth will set us free

New town Crier message:
Good day all, I bring Glad news
Like a ray of light in grey dawn morning, the truth always shine through
In that we stand illuminated and bathed in the freedom that the truth brings
Agents of Good that stepped forward with eye witness statement of who killed Thomas
Every day Erieonn gets closer and closer to the truth …beware Evil
Erieonn is on the hunt……

Enjoying some ME time

Greg how much time do we spend in town between this adventure and the next?
I’ve got to copy some spells from the evoker’s spell book you hooked me up with.
For reading the pages of the book I’ll use read magic zero level spell.
Also I’d like to craft some scrolls.
I’m able to do 8 hours’ worth of crafting per day but I don’t see a restriction on copying spells.
So I figure I’ll start rambling through a set of actions and you can tell me how far I get.

Copy these from evokers book of spells to my spell book: (time 2 hours cost 20 gold)
1 hr Burning Hands cost 10 gp +9(DC16)
1 hr Obscuring Mist cost 10 gp +9(DC 16)

Create the following scrolls: (time 8 hours cost 50 gold)
2 hrs CLW Range 25’ cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)
2 hrs Silent Image cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)
2 hrs Charm Person cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)
2 hrs Protection from Evil cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)

So this sets me at 10 hours… I’m not sure how much time I’ll end up spending with Erieonn in the role play stuff. I should have another 6 hours in the day but half I’m sure a couple of hours go to eating. So if my time spent with Erieonn is two hours or less then I’d like to get in one more craft.

Create the following scrolls: (time 2 hours cost 12.5 gold)
2 hrs CLW Range 25’ cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)

Please reply back with my success and let me know how many days pass because I’d like to copy some more spells over.

Curious about Shop and their Shopkeeps
(Aka, I just noticed everyone else is running errands, so me too!)

So, even though we don’t have gp from last session yet, I was was wanting to be sociable about town AND do some shopping, so when convenient, Xan will check out the general store and apothecary and see what magic items are for sale this month. I’d also like to learn more about these two NPCs.

Lelu has already briefed Xan on the personalities of each shopkeep; I’ll gladly listen to Cornelius’s stories and answer any questions he might have. Specifically, I’d like to know if he makes anything custom order, if he makes alchemical items like our tanglefoot bags and thunderstones, if he makes potions, etc.

I’ll be polite and respectful as possible to Antonina, as per Xan’s chivalric code, but I’m exceedingly curious as to why she seems to have it out for men. If you want to do this at the table Dampiel, that’s fine. Xan now has a +5 Diplomacy and a +5 Sense Motive. Preferably, if I can go with Catnis or Lelu that would probably be smart. I’d like to try and talk to her and get a little background, see if there’s anything we can do to gain her trust or at least avoid her disdain. Might also be worth checking out if she crafts anything herself or only sells what she buys off caravans… but that’s only if we can get her to open up and talk to us a bit more.

Duru's going for a walk
Got alot on his mind.

I’m including Erieonn on this log incase in case he decides to walk with me after we leave Patronia’s house. If he does I’d like to ask him to share his sources with me.

As soon as the meeting has ended with Erieonn and Patronia, Duru heads to speak with Cornelius Junius. Obviously I look to work my way up to questioning the old man. Starting with small talk and giving him plenty of time to ramble off into a story or two. Then when he seems to be in a good mood I’d like to ask him… “Cornelius, we have known each other for many years and always I have enjoyed your stories. I come to you know out of fear that someone within our fair town is infringing upon the free people’s god given rights to provide for their families. A rumor has reached my ears that someone may be using thug tactics to force businesses to pay a protection fee. Obviously, I will not ask that you testify openly only that you whisper into my ear so that I may seek out proof of this person’s wrong doings.”

I have a +5 in Diplomacy and assume that this information could result in punishment so I guess I’ve got about a 50/50 chance provided you give me the starting DC of 0 saying that my being a local and ‘know him quite well’. I’d like you to role the check for me… it just feels more real life if I don’t have a clue. While you’re at it I would appreciate if you could role a sense motive check following at a +7 to see if he’s lying. If he actually tells me that the rumor is true but fails to mention a name then I’ll reiterate that I do not wish to see him called into the public eye. Then I will obviously ask him for the person’s name. In any case I will thank him for once again for taking the time to speak with me and inform him that as far as I’m concerned we never spoke regarding any rumors.

Lelu seeks The Hag

Lelu gathers herself up to her full height, squares her shoulders, deftly rubs the fangs and teeth adorning the ribbons in her hair and strides out from her room at Dougan’s. Today Lelu sets out to try and locate a kindred spirit in this backwater of a village.

Ebonwing tucked into her familiar satchel peeks out of the flap and quorks at her. Lelu throws him a glare. Once out in the open air and seemingly outside of earshot of others exclaims “Quit pretending you big faker, we’ve got work to do today! Speaking of work…” Lelu flips the top open on the satchel and pulls a flapping Ebonwing from his warm cocooned nest.

“You are going to watch those watching me. Pay particular attention for any owls in the area. If you see anyone following me or see that owl from before come to me immediately.”

Time for the first stop now that Ebonwing has alighted to the rooftops and trees to watch over Lelu. Lelu starts with the apothecary, Cornelius Junius.. Knocking on the threshold of his store Lelu politely awaits his reply.

(Lelu intends to chat up the old fellow and hope to bring up the topic in passing after he is amused and content with her company)

Gather Information Roll: 16

The second stop Lelu intends is a bakery, then town square, and finally Nina’s Oddities. The bakery is not only a place for gathering information but a place to buy a sweet for Antonina when Lelu works up the courage to speak to her. Even determined to broach the subject of men and infuriate her if it will reveal the knowledge sought. Lelu has a suspicion that Antonina may know more than anyone else in town.

Lelu seeks an audience with Anifiel

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