Katniss Arrowway Silvermoon

Smokin Hot Half-Elf Ninja Chick


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I don’t remember much of where I came from only of the items I have in this small chest. A bow and arrow, a butterfly hair pin, and a picture of me with my family that dates back to before I can remember.

I was taken in by the monks of Irori in Absalom when I was only 5 years old. I am not sure what happened to my father and mother only that when they were found there were no signs of life.

As I aged I held onto every bit of my past I knew. Took the bow I had and practiced as much as I could to honor the memory of my father. The Monks showed me how to take my passion of the bow and give me that extra finesse. The hair pin I wore of the butterfly kept my mother close and reminded me of Desna the Goddess of my heritage. Desna was not very accepted among the monks, but my will kept me strong in my faith. I keep the picture close in my shirt pocket to always keep their memory with me and never forget where I came from.

The monks are my second family….. They have given and taught me the things I know today, but as I hit my 20th birthday I have hit the age of adulthood and have chosen to seek my own way. I left and started my own journey in Absalom and jumped on the first merchant vessel leaving port which happened to be headed to Taldor. Stepping off the ship I find myself in a small hamlet called Bridge End, so foreign in comparison to the metropolis I grow up in.

Katniss Arrowway Silvermoon

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