The Fellowship of the Wagon

02 - Unlikely Beginnings

Theodotus of Taldor journal entry

“…And so from unlikely beginnings the heroes formed a companionship. Untested and eager in their youth they soon found their skills tested. I think back to those days and cannot remember such a fan fair as when the first stories of Xan the mighty were heard in the courtyards. Some have speculated that in those early days some of the rumors about the heroes could have been exaggerated or falsely spread. But such knowledge is now lost to history. What is important is that the small community of Bridge End now had heroes they could look up to and depend on for the coming struggles. Not long after their meeting, a farmer in need saw his home protected. A rumor of a wandering priest begged the heroes aid and a shrine was sanctified once more in the name of the lost god Aroden. There is even a tale if you can believe it, that a plains lion nearly ended one of the heroes adventuring days prematurely. What the cost to Golarion could have been were this true is unknown, but I fear it would have been hard to bear. As the first great struggle the heroes would face still loomed before them, at the time, Bridge End knew a relative peace and harmony. But that was soon to change…..”

…From the journals of Theodotus of Taldor.



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