The Fellowship of the Wagon

03 - New Day, New Troubles

Theodotus of Taldor journal entry

“…And with a new day, new troubles for the heroes. They awoke on the 4th day to find the dwarves of Broken Crest had rounded up some bandits before them. The townspeople did not look down on the heroes however, so good their deeds and so well known for such a short time. But one of the bandits brought to the stocks was not a bandit at all. Where the Dwarves showed indifference, the heroes found one of the captives to be an innocent. Though the local magistrate and major domo for Tulius clearly did not care to see justice done, but instead, see a statement made, the heroes found themselves up against the very law they sought to uphold. Only quick thinking and swift action brought the matter to a happy end as the young farmer lad was freed and only the true bandits seeing justice that day. Bridge End was in a fervor, not only did they witness justice, but the Heroes had saved one of their own in the process. That very day while returning young Leonin to his farmstead the heroes would encounter bandits on their own. In several pitched battles including one against an Ogre from the hills, the bandits were driven back and the location of the bandits camp was discovered. The heroes would show great diversity in battle in their assault on the bandits camp. Where a direct assault met with disaster, the stealth and cunning of a flanking attack would succeed. With the bandits killed and the camp captured, a clue emerges to give credit to a name the bandits spoke several times that day. Soon the heroes would encounter the true leader of the bandits and be set upon the true quest that would see the heroes become legends of their day. The heroes would soon face Vorin….”

…..From the journals of Theodotus of Taldor.


Ogre Skull is on display as at Dougan Ale House. No charge to see the skull that the Hero’s of Bridges End lay asunder. Heros 1 Ogres 0….

03 - New Day, New Troubles

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