The Fellowship of the Wagon

Lelu seeks The Hag

Lelu gathers herself up to her full height, squares her shoulders, deftly rubs the fangs and teeth adorning the ribbons in her hair and strides out from her room at Dougan’s. Today Lelu sets out to try and locate a kindred spirit in this backwater of a village.

Ebonwing tucked into her familiar satchel peeks out of the flap and quorks at her. Lelu throws him a glare. Once out in the open air and seemingly outside of earshot of others exclaims “Quit pretending you big faker, we’ve got work to do today! Speaking of work…” Lelu flips the top open on the satchel and pulls a flapping Ebonwing from his warm cocooned nest.

“You are going to watch those watching me. Pay particular attention for any owls in the area. If you see anyone following me or see that owl from before come to me immediately.”

Time for the first stop now that Ebonwing has alighted to the rooftops and trees to watch over Lelu. Lelu starts with the apothecary, Cornelius Junius.. Knocking on the threshold of his store Lelu politely awaits his reply.

(Lelu intends to chat up the old fellow and hope to bring up the topic in passing after he is amused and content with her company)

Gather Information Roll: 16

The second stop Lelu intends is a bakery, then town square, and finally Nina’s Oddities. The bakery is not only a place for gathering information but a place to buy a sweet for Antonina when Lelu works up the courage to speak to her. Even determined to broach the subject of men and infuriate her if it will reveal the knowledge sought. Lelu has a suspicion that Antonina may know more than anyone else in town.


You stop at Cornelius’s shop. He is happy and dotes on you. Making your comfortable and talk talk talking. You get through his story of the rat in the cupboard for the third time (he keeps forgetting he just told you) when you stop him and try and casually bring up the hag. He squints up his face and scratches his head, forgets you asked him a questions and starts the rat story all over. You stop him and try again, this time keeping him focused on you with a smile. The thinks about it and then says “No… I don’t think I know anyone named Hag. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Is that a Taldorian name? Hag…..Haaaaaag….it does not sound Taldorian…”
Pretty sure he does not know anything you head to the market, and then the bakers and then to Antonina’s store. She is happy to see you and chats with you a while. You offer her the treat you bought in the market and she smiles and nibbles at it, offering some to you as well. A man comes in. He is tall, wears a black cloak and has a scar over his lower lip and chin. He walks over and say’s not a word. Just smiles at Antonina. She never looks him in the eye, just shakes and gets teary eyed. Then she reaches under the counter and takes out a small pouch that jingles as she hands it to him. He stares at her a moment more, then gives you a lecherous smile, taking his time looking you from head to toe before sauntering out the door, never a word spoken. Nina throws a small box at the door he just walked out of and it shatters. Then after a moments silence she says “Sorry, don’t mind that gutter trash…” she takes a deep breath, then takes out a bottle of spirits and takes a deep sip of it before she can smile again and pretend nothing even happened and tries to just carry on your conversation…

Lelu seeks The Hag

Stopping my own line of inquiry and focusing on Antonina for the moment… break in at any point.

Lelu shudders, rubs herself as if getting rid of splashed mud from a wagon all over.

Antonina? Who was that swears in Elven filth? Lelu grasps Antonina’s hands and holds them gingerly.

He doesn’t look like a typical villager here and he CERTAINLY had ill thoughts towards BOTH of us! This is not tolerable.

What can I do to help? What has he done to you? Why are you paying him? (Leaving the monetary issue to last as it is the least important)

You know I am a member of the fellowship that is cleaning up this area and I will simply not tolerate whatever it is he is doing.

No one needs to know, tell me so I can end this threat to the goodly women (and merchants?) of Bridge End.

Looking at the bottle wondering if Antonina will pass it for Lelu to take a slug.

Lelu seeks The Hag

She hesitates…uncertain. But she hands you the bottle. Its dwarven spirits and for Lelu its like pouring fire down her throat. When the coughing and sputtering stops however, Lelu notices she has a very nice warm tingle going down to her gullet and she feels lighter. Nina has a very amused expression on her face as she takes back the bottle and has another sip.
“That man works for someone in town. They….they make me pay a percentage of my earnings each week. If I don’t…they come back, break things, threaten me. They say without protection anyone can do what they want with me, including them…”
She stops for another sip and hands the bottle back…“A few years ago, I decided to stand up to them. I stopped paying. They broke things, told me I was going to get hurt, but I thought it a bluff and I didn’t pay. Then one night they came back and that man, the one that took my coin…Vespasian…he told me I had better get in line or I would not like the consequences. I refused…his friends he….held me down…and he…he…” She takes the bottle back and takes a long swig.
“I didn’t see them for a few days, then they returned….I wanted to be strong, to tell them I would not pay…but…I was scarred…I knew they would do it again…maybe worse…so I started giving them the coin again.”
She looks at you again this time with a cold hard look…“I sought my revenge. I went to someone…someone that lives outside of town. I heard stories that they might help me. I told them what happened…begged for Vespasian to be killed. She would not, told me that it was not justice, that I was still alive…that the punishment had to be equal. I got mad, told her to make him suffer…threw some coin at her and left…”
She gets another swig from the bottle…“The next day there was a commotion from around town…Vespasian was cursed. When he tried to talk, maggots filled his mouth and he gagged on them…” She leers and smiles as she tells this part…“He nearly went mad. One night they say in desperation he cut out his own tongue, that’s how he got the scar on his lip and chin…after that he could not talk…so the maggots never returned. A few weeks later he was back…only he never spoke, just stared at me and waited to see if I gave him the coin. I am too afraid to find out what happens if I don’t….so I always pay…”
She takes another long hard sip and you can tell she is more than a little drunk by this point.

Lelu seeks The Hag

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