The Fellowship of the Wagon

Lelu seeks an audience with Anifiel


You don’t see him in the Inn, however you have seen him around the marketplace often talking with others so you look around for him there. You come across him outside the Praetors villa speaking with some merchants.


Dropping her chin a little and squaring her shoulders Lelu approaches Anifiel and the merchants. Lelu leaves ample space and does not interrupt but does try to catch his eye. When a natural break seems to occur and the merchants start to dissipate Lelu will approach Anifiel and tug gently on his garment.

“Anifiel? Can we have a quiet word someplace?”


“Why of course M’lady. If you will excuse me gentlemen…” He walks with you a short ways from the others. “…How may I be of assistance to you today…?” He say’s in Azlanti…


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