The Fellowship of the Wagon

In answer to Lelu's concerns


Im in where ever every one else gathers. I think Lelu and I have a 2 pieces of the puzzle of Jovan, the thieves and the extortion of the local merchants. I know that Lelu is very set on ridding the world of Jovan’s henchmen I believe he is also the one who killed my town crier. I am in for some vengeance of my employee.


(OOC: So I don’t know if we want to conclude this on Friday in person or whatever.

But out of character, both to speak freely and because I can’t remember anymore what my character knows vs what I know, it doesn’t seem particularly complicated. Some of this is exactly what I would say in character…

Vespasian probably works for Jovan. Jovan asked Erieonn to threaten those merchants. Jovan is extremely wealthy and the town isn’t doing particularly well – it certainly appears that Jovan hasn’t had the same kind of bandit problems as everyone else. Etc.

The criminal enterprise may or may not have anything to do with Vorin’s cult of Rovagug, but either way, we know the townsfolk are afraid to come forward. Cornelius is too senile to know he’s being extorted. Nina is deathly afraid of getting raped or murdered if she doesn’t pay, let alone tries going to the justicar.

Either way, we don’t have anything concrete right now to take to the authorities nor do we have any reason to trust in Apion’s competence in his duties in any event.

The crime lord either lives in town or has an agent here… and a mute thug is not going to be the local agent in charge. So Vespasian has someone giving orders – if Vespasian more or less hangs around this area, the crime lord is here. And it is a very small town.)

In-character, Xan will assure all present he wants to find whoever is responsible for all this theft, rape, and murder and put a stop to it.

Xan will also assert the importance of somehow attaining hard evidence of Jovan’s misdeeds… whether we get it before or after we pick this fight, we will need this proof to keep Apion from arresting us.

If the merchants are too afraid to speak out now… we need to get a sense of if they’d stand with us and if the mayor would stand with us if it came to that.

Xan will ask Erieonn if he will help him make a subtle inquiry to his blacksmith in town, see if he too is being extorted, and see what it would take to get his support.

(OOC: Xan now has diplomacy and super-assist other)

In answer to Lelu's concerns

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