The Fellowship of the Wagon

Gathering The Party Before Venturing Forth

(You Must!)

Lelu and Xan return to the inn from Antonina’s. Anyone in the inn already, they make it clear they found out something they want to talk to the group about once we’re all together.


(OOC: Since this may not be the best format and we’re not a play by post group, I’ll go on a bit more.)

Xan and Lelu relate at the first possible opportunity that Lelu personally witnessed a man named Vespasian extort the shopkeeper Antonina.

Presuming I have leave to speak for Lelu’s account, as I believe was suggested… If not, well, we have an edit button. :)

This man Vespasian either didn’t know Lelu by reputation or he didn’t care. He gave a leering smile, Nina became tearful, and threw the money on the floor.

Xan did not witness this event but he believes Lelu. The man is tall, and mute, with facial scarring to lip and chin and wore dark clothing and a black cloak. Antonina confirmed extortion, does not know who Vespasian works for, and told Lelu she pays in part because of sexual assault and / or rape on the part of Vespasian and his fellow brigands. Nina is most assuredly too afraid of Vespasian and his employer to go to the authorities.

Lelu wanted to march straightaway and murder the guy. Xan’s response was twofold: a) this man’s actions are clearly criminal and we could probably take him down in a way that wouldn’t run afoul of Justicar Apion. b) He didn’t want Lelu going off by herself against a known rapist clearly dressed for ambush.

Though Xan certainly agrees this Vespasian is a villain, a blackguard, abject scum who deserves to die, etc… as a practical matter he suspects the man will likely be found protecting his employer, and will doubtlessly be tasked with protecting him if the Fellowship goes to detain them. Which we should, of course – in Xan’s opinion.

(OOC: Collectively, we probably know darn well who this guy works for. Let’s git ’im.)


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