The Fellowship of the Wagon

Enjoying some ME time

Greg how much time do we spend in town between this adventure and the next?
I’ve got to copy some spells from the evoker’s spell book you hooked me up with.
For reading the pages of the book I’ll use read magic zero level spell.
Also I’d like to craft some scrolls.
I’m able to do 8 hours’ worth of crafting per day but I don’t see a restriction on copying spells.
So I figure I’ll start rambling through a set of actions and you can tell me how far I get.

Copy these from evokers book of spells to my spell book: (time 2 hours cost 20 gold)
1 hr Burning Hands cost 10 gp +9(DC16)
1 hr Obscuring Mist cost 10 gp +9(DC 16)

Create the following scrolls: (time 8 hours cost 50 gold)
2 hrs CLW Range 25’ cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)
2 hrs Silent Image cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)
2 hrs Charm Person cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)
2 hrs Protection from Evil cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)

So this sets me at 10 hours… I’m not sure how much time I’ll end up spending with Erieonn in the role play stuff. I should have another 6 hours in the day but half I’m sure a couple of hours go to eating. So if my time spent with Erieonn is two hours or less then I’d like to get in one more craft.

Create the following scrolls: (time 2 hours cost 12.5 gold)
2 hrs CLW Range 25’ cost 12.5 gp +9(DC 6)

Please reply back with my success and let me know how many days pass because I’d like to copy some more spells over.


I had planned to have a good amount of time pass at this point, a week or two at least, to let the chars have some down time. Its easy to come every week and say your chars get up out of bed and sally forth lol but they are people too and healing might close wounds, but you are still sore, and ache, and generally feel like the undead when you have been through a lot of damage. So I like to let chars have time to recover and leave room in between important plots for personal plots to develop. Also, I like to have a reasonable amount of time pass in campaigns. Otherwise your chars go from level 1 to level 20 in like a month or two hahahaha that must be a record someplace lol.
So lets say around two weeks before you guys are recovered and ready to continue on, that’s game time not real time :) That should give people time to craft, copy spells, learn they new spells etc…shop and what not. Then we can begin level three fresh and recuperated!

Enjoying some ME time

Cool. So then there is the question of do I spend all my money making scrolls…. hmmm.

Actually, I was wondering how I should handle the crafting checks?
Do you want me to send you this big list like the above and you roll for me or do you trust that we’ll not cheat? I guess it’s funny that I’m being so anal about crafting when I would have to roll a one to fail in creating the scrolls.

Enjoying some ME time


If you have that list of spells I wanted from the Evoker’s spellbook lying around I would like you to craft me scrolls of those instead. I can’t learn from the book itself.

I’ll just have to recompense you for your efforts to educate this silly witch in the arcane and divine arts. Lelu can learn from both Arcane and Divine scrolls just fine, just not from books.

Enjoying some ME time

Well, DM said he’s giving us plenty of downtime, so yeah, ’unfortunately the interaction between Wizard and Witch has to be Wizard learns spell from book or scroll, scribes scroll, hands scroll to Witch.

The bad news is that the witch can only learn spells from scrolls. The good news is that as Duru is a Wizard / Cleric with the ability to make scrolls, Duru can also scribe cleric scrolls too… and the Witch can learn several of those. If you two work together you can save a lot of money and make sure you both have the best spells every level.

Since you guys fought swarms last time, in case we fight more before we level up a bunch more, Lelu definitely needs to learn burning hands.

Enjoying some ME time

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