The Fellowship of the Wagon

Duru's going for a walk

Got alot on his mind.

I’m including Erieonn on this log incase in case he decides to walk with me after we leave Patronia’s house. If he does I’d like to ask him to share his sources with me.

As soon as the meeting has ended with Erieonn and Patronia, Duru heads to speak with Cornelius Junius. Obviously I look to work my way up to questioning the old man. Starting with small talk and giving him plenty of time to ramble off into a story or two. Then when he seems to be in a good mood I’d like to ask him… “Cornelius, we have known each other for many years and always I have enjoyed your stories. I come to you know out of fear that someone within our fair town is infringing upon the free people’s god given rights to provide for their families. A rumor has reached my ears that someone may be using thug tactics to force businesses to pay a protection fee. Obviously, I will not ask that you testify openly only that you whisper into my ear so that I may seek out proof of this person’s wrong doings.”

I have a +5 in Diplomacy and assume that this information could result in punishment so I guess I’ve got about a 50/50 chance provided you give me the starting DC of 0 saying that my being a local and ‘know him quite well’. I’d like you to role the check for me… it just feels more real life if I don’t have a clue. While you’re at it I would appreciate if you could role a sense motive check following at a +7 to see if he’s lying. If he actually tells me that the rumor is true but fails to mention a name then I’ll reiterate that I do not wish to see him called into the public eye. Then I will obviously ask him for the person’s name. In any case I will thank him for once again for taking the time to speak with me and inform him that as far as I’m concerned we never spoke regarding any rumors.


ill go on the walk…but im heading to a plane and can not respond in full til late tonight.

Duru's going for a walk

Duru makes his way over to Cornerlius’s shop. You see Lelu come out and walk off around the corner before you get there. She didn’t seem to see you. You go in and Cornelius is behind the counter making odd noises…“Haaaaaaaaag…..Haaaaaaaaaaag…Haaaaaa…Oh! Duru come in come in! What can I do for you today?” You talk to him for a bit and ask him what your typed above. He thinks for a little…“I don’t know…I don’t think so. There is a man that comes to collect on a debt I owe. Its funny I don’t remember borrowing any money but I’m sure he would not come if I didn’t. I can’t recall his name………oh Duru! come in come in I didn’t know you were stopping by!”

Duru's going for a walk

Erieonn will stay in the front of the shop grinning broadly.
“Duru, Clearly I am mistaken in my thought process. I have made the same mistake of forgetting my debts and am I glad that my friends are kind enough to remind me. As his are. I’ll not waste any more of your time Duru.” I’ll wander about the shop for a while.

Duru's going for a walk

Ok I didn’t realize that Cornelius is that far detached. I’ll thank him for his time and promise to drop back in as time allows, you know the busy life of a scribe, and excuse myself gesturing to Erieonn that our time here is obviously done. Once in the street I look to see if anyone is around that could hear a whispered conversation. (My perception sucks +3) if the street is not safe to speak then I will ask Erieonn if he will accompany me back to my house where we may speak in private. If it appears to be safe I speak in low tones…
“You called me forth to meet with the acting Praetor in what I can only assume to be the hopes of gaining allies and backing to strike out at those you’ve witnessed trying to exploit the liberties of others. It appears to me that you have now come to understand that Patronia has no real power. She is the daughter of a man who once looked over this town. I would like to point out that you have gained my undivided attention.
You have my deepest sympathy regarding the events that transpired at the estate. I can understand how your actions, however good they may be, failed to provide the response you were anticipating. As you might have noticed, I find myself now facing such a struggle. (at this time you can clearly that Duru is a bit rattled)
Erieonn, I am a knowledgeable man but unfortunately not so much in the arena of gathering information and influencing people. I have notice that this is obviously an area for which you excel greatly. I stand before you know with an offer to commit my focus to aiding you in your quest provided that you can walk me down the path. (Duru now appears to have allowed himself to become rattled and his voice starts to ascend beyond a whisper – simple mention of this to him will quite him down considering the clandestine nature of the task before them) I have spent my life trying to understand what I am and trying to understand my purpose. I believe that if what you speak is true, and I do not doubt that you have seen something to cause you to believe it to be so, then I must act in Milani’s name to protect the liberties of these free people. (with the mention of his goddess Duru composes himself and continues) I know that we have butt heads in the past but if you want to see this task through then please explain to me in detail what you have learned and consider arranging a meeting with one of the victims, as a token of friendship ”

Duru's going for a walk

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