The Fellowship of the Wagon

Curious about Shop and their Shopkeeps

(Aka, I just noticed everyone else is running errands, so me too!)

So, even though we don’t have gp from last session yet, I was was wanting to be sociable about town AND do some shopping, so when convenient, Xan will check out the general store and apothecary and see what magic items are for sale this month. I’d also like to learn more about these two NPCs.

Lelu has already briefed Xan on the personalities of each shopkeep; I’ll gladly listen to Cornelius’s stories and answer any questions he might have. Specifically, I’d like to know if he makes anything custom order, if he makes alchemical items like our tanglefoot bags and thunderstones, if he makes potions, etc.

I’ll be polite and respectful as possible to Antonina, as per Xan’s chivalric code, but I’m exceedingly curious as to why she seems to have it out for men. If you want to do this at the table Dampiel, that’s fine. Xan now has a +5 Diplomacy and a +5 Sense Motive. Preferably, if I can go with Catnis or Lelu that would probably be smart. I’d like to try and talk to her and get a little background, see if there’s anything we can do to gain her trust or at least avoid her disdain. Might also be worth checking out if she crafts anything herself or only sells what she buys off caravans… but that’s only if we can get her to open up and talk to us a bit more.


Well I will leave Katniss out of things for now since Jess is not here to RP herself. As for Lelu, she walked out of the Inn this morning and has not been back since. You can let me know what you would like to do from there.

On the mechanical side, I don’t make leveled lists for merchants I just use the Settlement Wealth table. If your item falls on this list it is available.

The only thing you wont find is exotic weapons which are generally only available in small cities and up and you will never find artifacts for sale, they are too valuable to sell.


In that case, in character I want to ask around and try to figure out where Lelu went. Assuming I’m successful, I’d follow.

OOC, I’m pretty sure I could read the other logs and figure out where Lelu went. :P


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