The Fellowship of the Wagon

04 - Calamity at Bridge End

Theodotus of Taldor journal entry

“…And so Bridge End would see its first calamity. A mad cultist drove a wagon to the center of town and a strange creature was set loose on the town. Had the Heroes not been in Bridge End at the time who knows what the cost would have been. Instead, the Heroes rallied and joined in the defense and the creature was slain. But that was not all, the mad cultist was a messenger as well. Smoke was soon seen on the horizon and something carved in the wagon directed the Heroes to investigate. With a recent murder and an attack on the town center, the militia was forced to stay behind and the Heroes would be once again, on their own. They arrived at the farm, with parts of it in flames and infested with the recently killed farmers from the local area turned to the undead. It was a trap. Within the house a cleric of the world eater waited in ambush. The Heroes defeated him and saved a pair of very young siblings who had witness untold horrors that day. The situation in Bridge End was spiraling out of control, but the people had the Heroes to look to in their time of darkness. For the Heroes…they would soon learn what truly lurks in the dark…”

…From the journals of Theodotus of Taldor.


I know what lurks in the dark… backstabbing halflings!

04 - Calamity at Bridge End

Don’t lurk, pounce!

04 - Calamity at Bridge End

Thank you Mad cultist for the wagon and the horse. We needed an extra …just in case. :)

04 - Calamity at Bridge End

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