The Fellowship of the Wagon

00 - Bridge End


Your characters will begin their adventure in the town of Bridge End. A small hamlet of mostly farmers and poor merchants along one of the canals that at one time brought ships up from the flatlands and Oppara. Located in the foothills of the eastern Tandak Plains, this was once an important stop on the trade route to the Worlds End Mountains. Few of the canals are in working order these days and many abandoned towns lay ripe with banditry and other unknown dangers. As many centuries have past since Taldor called itself a true world power, its reach into the wilds that once called themselves home to some of the best farmlands in the inner sea are now in decline. The roads are not safe for travel without guard and merchants grow fewer each year. The great city of Oppara that once housed several legions of some of the best soldiers the world had ever know now rely on contracts to small adventuring bands and mercenaries. What few Legions remain are no longer well equipped. The legionnaires no longer the disciplined fighting force it once was, but filled with servicemen who were drafted from overcrowded jails or with foreigners who hope to be made a citizen through service. Though the empire is in decline it still holds great riches and attracts merchants and free peoples from all over the world in the capital of Oppara. But outside its walls the laws and security of its citizens are in the hands of corrupt prefects and legates.
One such Legate is Tadius Sidonius. Having recently spread word through town criers for the following:

“Hear ye, Hear ye! The great Tadius Sidonius calls on loyal citizens to take up arms against the unlawful bandits that have been reported in the lands around Bridge End. By right granted him by the emperor, Grand Prince Stavian III and with due law, Legate Tadius Sidonius grants twenty gold for the heads of each bandit caught dead or alive. All those who would step forward to aid the empire must seek out Justicar Ladius Apion at the Waterside Inn in Bridge End. May all traitors of the Empire meet justice!”

With this proclamation many have traveled to this once unknown town Bridge End, to seek out this Ladius Apion and find their fortune as adventurers. Whether you find yourself in this town by this call for adventurers, you live there or you just happened to be passing through and swept up in local events is up to you. Please give some indication when you send in your character sheets and backstories as to how or why you end up in Bridge End. The game will begin in the Waterside Inn on Oathday the 3rd of Pharast.



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