The Fellowship of the Wagon

01 - A Gathering of Heroes

Theodotus of Taldor journal entry

“In my old age I am often asked about the events of my youth. I am asked of the heroes that stood firm against the chaos that descended upon the lands and threatened all we hold dear. We all know the stories that are told around the fires. Stories of loss and valor. Stories of the grand battles that are so legendary today. Stories of the hardships and those that endured when all hope was lost. But what of the heroes that have made the stories we tell our grandchildren? There are many things my addled mind wont recall, a face, a name, where I left my hat….But of these dark days and the events that led up to it, I remember as clearly as if it was but a moment past.

When I first met this jumbled band you would not think them the stuff of legend as you know them today. They were young and inexperienced. They did not have the quiet courage of a seasoned veteran or the confidence of long time wanderer. No, were you to see them when they first assembled you would laugh and wonder…why them? But I tell you this; they would quickly learn to rely on each other and to face an impossible task when the nations and peoples of the Inner Sea could not stand united. Where does my tale begin? Well, at the beginning, In the most unlikely of places. A small hamlet in the hills of East Taldor few have heard of or had reason to visit. A place called Bridge End…."

…..From the journals of Theodotus of Taldor.



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