The Fellowship of the Wagon

05 - The fall of Vorin

Theodotus of Taldor journal entry

“Vorin falls! Oh how I remember that day. The people of Bridge End danced in the streets. Maidens threw flowers at the feet of the heroes and there was a feast, a glorious feast and for the first time in so many months there was peace. Many people think this great victory is what began the fame of our Heroes. But in truth compared to the times to come this event went relatively unnoticed. However for the people of Bridge End it was a glorious victory and a time of jubilation for they thought their worries were over. They could not have been more wrong. But at least for a short time the good people of a small hamlet in a little known area of the plains of Tandak knew hope. Hope is a powerful weapon against evil. Hope can cure sickness, give strength to the weak, make the craven stand tall and brave and even lift the spirits of the most downtrodden. Hope is what we cling to when all else fails us and leaves us in the dark. This is what the heroes of Bridge End gave to those good people. A powerful weapon indeed for the days to come…”

…From the journals of Theodotus of Taldor.



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